3 monkeys

3 monkeys

Friday, February 22, 2008

Date Night!

Last night Darran and I went to a Formal Ball. His unit is disbanding or gotten rid of and so it was a pretty big deal to be at this Ball since how it is the last under that name. We had a good time although the guest speaker that they had to talk last night rambled on and on for an hour! The food they had was in my opinion awful, so on the way home we got McDonald's.LOL Over all we had a nice time, it is fun to "Dress" up every now and again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Weekend!

Cherise tagged me to reveal 5 non-important things about me or quirks that I have! Well let me tell you I can come up with more than 5! LOL But I won't bore you with the whole list!

1. Every time I leave the house I always double check to see if my curling iron is off. Now most people would say that is not a quirk but I'm here to tell you it is an obession with me going as far as leaving the house and turning around and going back home to check! It drives my husband CRAZY, me always asking him did I turn off the curling iron?

2. I am always making lists! I can make the list a day ahead or a week ahead and then I leave for the store and you guessed it, I left the list at home! I do this faithfully!

3. I am a creature of habit, or more a stickler for routine. I like to have things done at a certain time. This also drives my husband CRAZY because he is more or less the opposite of me when it comes to routine or habit.

4. I can't stand to have my feet or hands dirty, it is like an OCD with me, I didn't play much in the dirt when I was little! LOL

5. I can't stand it when Darran is home and is still asleep in the bed 45 mins after I get up. So therefore I proceed to wake him. This use to be really bad before I had Sfrona when I use to wake him up 10 mins after I got up. But now I have to have at least 45 mins to myself before any one gets up.

I hope this is something like you wanted.

We had a good weekend, Darran and I went to a wedding and he was in it holding one of the swords for a Captain he was in Iraq with. Naturally I forgot my camera! It was in Austin and the reception was at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel. WOW is all I can say!
We also had a birthday party to go to Sun, Kyleigh, Sfrona's cousin has turned 4 years old. They had so much fun! Sfrona came home banged up from jumping on the trampoline but other than that it was great. Those 2 girls are so much alike as far as thier personalities go.

I also have a funny story about Darran and Sfrona, the other morning we were laying in bed (45 mins after I got up I was waking Darran) and Sfrona was jumping on Darran's back to get him to wake up, well she has this wierd thing with Darran about licking him on his cheek or back (yeah I know gross!) well she licked him on his back and then she told me it's wet mama, and I said no that is spit on him. Well when I said spit she spit right on his back, Darran came flying out of the bed! LOL It was so funny I laughed for 30 mins, needless to say Darran didn't.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who Dressed Who?

I had to take our new kitten to the vet the other day and Darran happened to be off so I left without him and Sfrona. Well in the hour and a half I was gone I got about 4 phone calls from home for various reasons, one being Sfrona was crying so she had to call and talk to me. Usually when I go somewhere and leave her with Darran I lay out what I want her to wear and he will get her dressed and then I will fix her hair when I get home. This wasn't the case this day, I was running late and so forth, well to my surprise he had her all dressed and even did her hair!! Then got himself dressed in the process. I thought it was really cute how he got the shirts and what they said. Sfrona's says "You can't see me" and Darran's says "I'm invisible".

I had to delete the other blog so I made a new one, I hope it comes out the same as the other, we were having some issues with the last one and it made me mad so in my temper tantrum I deleted it.LOL Let me know if you can get this one.