3 monkeys

3 monkeys

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Many faces!

Well I am finally getting around to posting about Sfrona's surgery and picture's of that event along with some of the other photos I have taken, first off her surgery went really well, so far she hasn't complained about her ears hurting once and it was an every other day occurence before. So hopefully we won't have any more problems with that!

The second set of photos is what she made her daddy create, Sfrona is naturally obessed with Rudolf and I am not sure if it is because of Christmas or cuz it's an animal, I really think it is the latter, but all she has talked about is him and so Darran had to make her a sled with ALL the reindeer including the black nose reindeer. I am so thankful he has the gift of coming up with just about anything so he got all her horses and tied ribbon on thier neck along with some of the girls ponytail holders to make reins and used one of my little sleds to put a santa candle in it, he then drew a red nose on one of the horses to make rudolf! We have it on our coffee table and she won't touch it and if anyone else touches it she gets MAD! We have a playful cat (Jazzy) and the last couple of mornings Sfrona has woke up and the "reindeer" have been on the floor and I know it's the cat, so she gets on to her and fixes it back, it is so neat to watch her making memories like this!

The last photo is of Sfrona with a breathe right strip on her nose, at dinner last night she says I have to go to the bathroom so we let her and it was taking to long for her so I called her back in the kitchen, and this was the result, at least she got it where it was suppose to go!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Fun!

It's been awhile since I posted sorry for that, thought I would post a few pics of Sfrona decorating the tree this year, this is really the first year that she comprehends what Christmas is. It is so exciting!! She wants to open the presents already and thinks we need to buy everyone something! LOL Sfrona thought it was so neat that daddy had christmas ornaments on the tree that he made when he was a "little boy" Darran's mom gave them to him and Sfrona thinks they are the best thing ever! So now she goes around the tree and all the ornaments we have bought her over the years she says, "I got this when I was a baby"! She thinks she is soo grown up! LOL
She had to make a present for my mom and GaGa, so GaGa if you read this act surprised when she gives it to you. She is still LOVING school and I have been volunteering alot in the art class and other classes and she thinks it is so neat I am at the school, at least she does now it won't be so in a few years. LOL

Reagan is good, playing ball the team is not doing so well but they are playing thier hearts out and having fun, I hope she sticks with it. I hope all had a great thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Reagan's First Basketball Game!

Reagan had her first game ever and they won!! 13-10 She was soooo happy that we were there, you could really tell on her face! I never really went to basketball games when I was in school and I never watch it on TV, but boy do they need practice!!! LOL I could even tell that! LOL They did good, there was a bunch of standing around like who has the ball and such and the other team even started toward our basket, but overall they did great! We get to the game and the other girls are playing and we walk in the gym and Sfrona takes off on the court! Darran had to run after her and bring her back, she said I want the ball mom! Wow that could have been a disaster in itself! LOL So we are looking into camps for the summer for Reagan to go to for basketball. She says she really likes it so maybe she'll stick with this!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well another Halloween was over and the trick or treating was great!! The girls went as pirates this year and so did thier daddy! But what was even crazier was Belinda's grandaughter's were pirates too. And we didn't even talk before hand! I guess great minds think alike!!LOL Ashley also was a pirate and her and Darran kinda matched, we put Darran's costume together in about 5 minutes so his wasn't a cute as the girls! We had lots of fun, and we were so thankful to have Reagan, we haven't had very many Halloween's with her because it doesn't always fall on a Friday or Sat so we were excited to have this time with her. Not to much else going on here, Darran is in another school, luckily it is here on Fort Hood so he is home every night, poor man he has been in more schools than anyone I know! LOL Hope everyone had a great Halloween, can't wait to see all the pics.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Friday we got a special couple of visitors, Pop an Grambie and GaGa and Pawpa came to visit us! They didn't stay nearly long enough for Sfrona and us too, but it was special no matter how long they stayed! Pop told me we are the first grandkids he has ever stayed the night with! So I told him I was going to brag all the way to the bank! LOL It was so nice to have them here!

Sunday we decided to take Sfrona on a picnic, she had so much fun, Darran said I forgot how much fun picnic's were, so we'll be taking more of them in the future! It is so neat to see her and Darran acting goofy and playing, he was so worried that with all the time he has been away from her that it would put a wedge between them and it is just the opposite. She wants her daddy all the time!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I know it has been forever since I have blogged and I am so sorry, I will try to be better!

Last night we took the girls to the circus! They had a blast, I think Reagan had a better time than anyone! All Sfrona wanted to do was get toys. LOL She did enjoy the dog act and the elephants and the ponies but that was just about all that held her attention. This circus only had those three animal acts and I guess I was a little saddened by the fact that that was all. I went to the circus a long time ago and they had the lions and tigers and trapez and tightrope walkers and tons of other things, all the clown acts and such, this circus only had one clown who preformed and a few others walking around, Darran said it's probably because no one can afford the insurance anymore for the big animal acts! It's so sad.

The highlight was that Reagan rode on the back of an elephant! I was so excited and so was she, we couldn't for the life of us get Sfrona on it, I think it was just to big for her, well I did take pics but for some reason all the pics of Reagan on the elephant were a little blurry, she is the one in the green shirt. I was so mad I told Darran I was going to toss the camera to the elephant! So now maybe I'll get a new camera! lol Sfrona rode the ponies and after the ride was done she threw a fit because she said it was her pony now and she had to have it! I don't think she is ever going to outgrow her love of animals like she did elmo and the wiggles! LOL

But we all had a great time and hope to do it again someday!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today at Sfrona's school she had a freedom walk, they walked in a parade fashion down the street. She was so excited that daddy got to be there. She of course had no clue what was going on but she had a good time anyway. It was quite a long walk for the kiddos and by the time they were halfway thru alot of them were crying and Sfrona kept trying to get daddy to carry her! LOL She kept saying I'm tired mama! It was special that Darran got to be there and walk with her.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Well Sfrona has got her glasses! I can't believe it. She looks so grown up in them! She says "I need to take them off now"! LOL Little does she know it is only starting!

Darran is FINALLY home for a little while, he hasn't gone back to work yet but starts that on Tues. Sfrona was sooo excited to see him and show him her new school, she could hardly go to sleep Sun night! After school we went to get her glasses and when we came home I asked Darran if he wanted to move the truck so I could take the car in the morning since he has to work, and he wants his truck back, well Sfrona took that as him leaving again and started crying saying Daddy please stay home, of course it liked to broke his heart!! We explained to her he would be home for a while and she was fine with that and her and daddy danced all evening! Needless to say she went to bed faster tonight then Sun.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


What a week we have had!! Sfrona started Pre-k and she absolutely LOVES it! I am so glad that she enjoys it, she has not quite got the concept of what Sat and Sun are she thinks she should go to school all the time! As most know Darran is in school and Sfrona talked to him on thurs and she asked him if he had a playground at his school! LOL He said no but he was going to ask why they didn't have one! He cracked up laughing and hasn't stopped since! He has passed all the classroom stuff now he has to go to the field for a couple days and then he's home! YEAH we can't wait!

I took Sfrona to the eye doctor and we have to have glasses. She has an astigmatism in both eyes:(! We have been kinda upset about that but that is how life goes, I put Reagan's glasses on her to just kinda she what she looks like and Sfrona says I look just like sissy!! She is excited about it, I dread the fingerprints that are going to come with this!LOL It is bad enough with Reagan I can just imagine with Sfrona!

Then on Fri she woke up with a runny nose and congested! Wow I didn't think so much could happen in a week. Turns out she has a double ear infection and a cold, she wasn't running a fever but I decided to call the DR just because I knew this wasn't going to go away on it's own, and sure enough we needed antibotics! I asked her if she wanted to stay home and she said I have to go to school mama! So she went I figured if she gets worse they will call but they didn't so I picked her up a little early to go to the dr and she wanted to go back to school after. LOL I soooo hope she continues to enjoy school.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How we LOVE the ZOO!!

We had such a great time on Friday, we met Darla and Brylie and Lawson in Waco at the zoo, and we had a great time! It was the perfect day to go it wasn't to hot and all the kids did great! Our next adventure is going to be for the mommies though, we want to go to Hillsboro and go shopping! We'll bring the daddy's so the can watch the kiddies! Anyhow it was alot of fun! Hope to do it soon again!

The next little thing is Sfrona with a grass skirt and coconuts on. We got this for Reagan when she came to Hawaii, and I kept it for no reason! Sfrona found it and now she dances like LELO in the movie! It is hilarious!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I was going through some of our older pictures and found some of my dear friends and family! WOW how much has changed!! I can't believe our hair use to look like that and how my parents look is what I am at now! They are my age in these pictures! It is so hard to believe.

These are 2 of my dearest friends from High School, Carolyn and Sandra. We were inseperatable in school and even out of school it was worse, we did everything together! We are still very close, only by phone and email, Carolyn is in Florida and Sandra is in San Antonio last I heard, it's been awhile since we have talked. But the memories we shared and will continue to share are priceless! I miss those carefree days when all we had to worry about was getting money for gas to go crusing! LOL It's funny there is a song by Pink and she talks about "if someone would have said 3 years from now, you'd be long gone I would punch them in the mouth" that's how we thought and luckily we are able to stay in touch and build more memories!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Fun!

Boy has it been an eventful couple of weeks! My Aunt had her grandkids for a week and the cousins went wild!! It was so much fun! We went swimming at BLORA which is a place on post that is part of Belton Lake, (we went there to see the Christmas lights and it took us 4 hours to get through) but I didn't know that it's all free for us in the military. They have paddle boats and a water slide and an area sectioned off for swimming. I was impressed. They had a car wash for little kids who were not tall enough for the slide, it was neat. But onto the water slide, Devon and Breeann went about 10 times and then finally Sfrona wanted to go. Well I was hoping she wasn't tall enough but who am I kidding! LOL She was determined to do it, so we CLIMB a million steps to get there and she is so happy and I find out I can't go down the slide with her, so I'm panicking! She still wants to go, so the lifeguard blew his whistle to let the other lifeguard know a small child is coming down. Well Sfrona gets halfway down and he tells me to go ahead and go, I said not until I see my baby safely on the side of the pool, and of course everyone is laughing! Finally I see her and I go down, when I get out of the pool she says I want to go again mama! OH MY GOSH! We headed for the million staircase and up we went. This time she knows what is going to happen and she starts to say no mama and the line is so long, so I tell her to get up and we'll go back down the stairs and swim, then she started yelling louder NO Mama I want to slide, she really couldn't make up her mind, she ended up going down and when I got to the bottom I was praying please let her say she was done, because I did not want to go up those stairs again! She was done and we went back swimming, the next day my legs hurt so bad! LOL

Then we went to a carnival a few days later and we had a fairly good time, we were not there 10 mins and my Aunt steps off the curb and breaks a bone in her ankle! She had just gotten a new job and knew they were going to fire her, but they didn't, they let her work and we are so thankful for that! Here are some pics of both events!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th

I hope everyone had a great July 4th! We sure did our family came up from Houston and we had a wonderful time swimming and visiting. We didn't set off fireworks this year at home because it is so dry and after New Year's Eve when the field caught on fire, we decided it was best just to go into town to watch them! Sfrona sat in everyone's lap and held her hand over her ears the whole time. I swear that child has over sensitive hearing! We had a good time.

Darran is doing good, we are about halfway through school and counting each day till he comes home. Reagan is good also, her teeth are healing fine and then it's on to braces.

The last pic of Sfrona is her in a Hannah Montana wig. We had a b-day party for Breann and she got a wig and Sfrona had it on! Darran said we should dye her hair blonde because it really brings out her blue eyes in the photo. I thought it was so funny to see her with it on! LOL

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am so glad June is over! It has been a crazy month! Reagan has had 2 teeth pulled and had surgery on her ear to remove a plug, and next is cleaning teeth and then braces! hard to believe she is already needing braces. She is doing good and pulled through the surgery fine, I will be glad when she grows out of all these ear problems.

Sfrona is soooo ready for school, that is ALL I hear about. I am not sure I am ready for her to go to school but she so wants to go. She really thinks it's cool because that is where sissy and daddy are all the time it seems. Sometimes I wish she was still a baby and then other times I am so excited for her to be starting this new era in her life. It is so much fun to watch her learn new things, the other day I taught her how to play what we called slaps where you hold both your hands on top of someone else's and then you try to slap their hands, it is the most hilarious thing to see her try to get the concept of it but she tries her best. I also showed her the thing where you show someone they have something on their shirt and then you flick their nose, that is even more hilarious, she gets so excited that i am going to flick her nose she starts laughing before I even do it! LOL

Last but not least here is a picture my uncle had made for my mom, it's an older picture of Sfrona but I thought it was so neat, it is all done in pencil except the bows and earring are done in paint. I loved it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Party Hardy!

Wow it has been so long since I posted, I am so sorry, we have been busy busy! Well we got Reagan out of school and she passed to the 7th grade! I can't believe it has gone by so fast! It seems like yesterday she was a little girl and now she is going on 13! Time flies!

Darran got to come home for Memorial Day and so we had Sfrona's b-day party. It turned out great! They all had a good time. Darran's trip was to short it always is. We were just glad he could come!

Not a whole lot else has been going on we are just swimming and trying to stay cool, it is already hitting 100 plus degrees and it is horrible! We can't do anything outside until 8:00 pm and then it is still 85 degrees! Guess summer is here and it's still not summer yet! LOL

I will try to do better at posting in the future!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Band Concert

Reagan had a band concert this weekend and let me tell you they sound a whole lot better at the end of the school year then they did at the beginning! LOL Although they only played 2 songs this time, I was bummed that they didn't play more. But she did good and we are so proud of her for sticking with it and learning it, don't know if she'll pick it up again next year I hope so.

Sfrona is beginning to talk a lot better on the phone, it seems like that's the only way to talk to daddy anymore LOL but her new thing this week is when she is saying good-bye to him she says the I Love you daddy and don't let the bed bugs bite!! Where she got that I have no idea, I don't ever remember saying that to her because I was always afraid she wouldn't get in the bed if there were bugs. She had to have seen it on TV or someone said it to her, it is so funny to hear her say that. Her other favorite thing to sing is a song from a commercial that has a puppy singing " No more bugs on me (repeat) some of you mugs may have bugs but there ain't no bugs on me" the ad is for fleas to get rid of them, I usually mute the commercials but she will tell me to turn that on mama!! LOL

Sunday, May 4, 2008

What the Future Holds

Wow, it has been some time since I have last blogged! Sorry about that things have been going non stop since Darran went to school.
We had Reagan this weekend and boy did Sfrona love having her. I hardly ever see Sfrona when Reagan is here because she is always near her sister. It is really weird since Sfrona is always near me when Reagan isn't here and I find myself lost sometimes when they are together playing. It makes me realize that my baby is growing up way to fast and doesn't need to be near me all the time. I can't believe she is going to be 4 years old in June!! I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with both of the girls because I know to soon they will be starting their lives away from us, Reagan for instance this weekend we had a conversation about college and she told me that she wants to be a Pediatrician. I told her it was alot of schooling and she said she didn't care. This isn't the first time either that she told me she wanted to be a pediatrician. So I hope and pray she will keep on this path and look forward to what the future may hold. It would be great to have 2 doctor's in the family, cuz I just have a feeling Sfrona will want to be a Vet. Me and Reagan went through Sfrona's toy box today and I bet she has 50 horses in her toys, that's not counting all the other type of animals that she has, that would be to many to count! LOL So one baby doctor and one animal doctor, I bet we could live with that, of course no matter what they decide to do with their lives we will be behind them 100% all the way!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bluebonnet Girls!

Sorry it's been awhile since I have blogged, with trying to get Darran to Georgia and everything he needed it's a miracle he got there at all! But he made it and is trying to settle in, he told me the guy who hands out the hotels was not there friday when Darran checked in and so they put Darran in a transitional room, which is a big room with cots and no place to lock your stuff up. Needless to say he was extemely MAD! So after he vented to me on the phone I reminded him of a soldier that he knew from Fort Hood who was already there for the school, I told him to call the guy and see if he could crash on his hotel floor, and he did. He will eventually get a room he was just mad at the time and not thinking. Such is life!

Here are our girls in the Bluebonnets. We didn't have as many as last year. The ones of Reagan are good and Sfrona just wanted to pick the flowers for mama, thank goodness it was in the middle of nowhere because she had a handful by the time we left.LOL

Monday, April 7, 2008

Giddy Up

Well our weekends are going so fast as Darran gets ready to go to Georgia, so we are trying to do it all in the short time we have. This weekend we went to my parents house because the girls wanted to ride the horse, so we did. Sfrona did great! She got up there and rode her like she has been doing it forever! We had to make her get off!! LOL Reagan on the other hand didn't enjoy it as much. She did good with the riding part it was the getting off part she didn't like and Darran was trying to explain to her how to do it and then Reagan started whining and the horse didn't care for the whining and she got a little spooked, Reagan started panicking and Darran had to pull her off the horse before she bolted, so it was not a good experience for Reagan, there is always next time.

So then we all decided to help Papa and Granny with the garden, of course Darran did most of the tilling and we all helped with the planting except Sfrona we had to make her get out of the garden because she was knocking all the rows over. We got finished and it was time to take Reagan back and we were saying all our good-byes and kisses and hugs and Granny told us thank you for helping in the garden, well Sfrona got to stay at Granny's because I had to take the car into the shop and you know how that is with a 3 year old, when Granny said thank you for helping with the garden I gave Sfrona a kiss and she said thank you for helping in the garden mama. We all cracked up laughing, it was so matter of fact! She is at that age where everything is repeated and held onto!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Hair Do

Reagan decided she wanted to cut her hair. We tried to talk her out of it but no budging, and she really did need a new style. I think it turned out great and everyone here just loved it, but some kids at school said it made her look like a boy and naturally it hurt Reagan's feelings. Well back to us trying to talk her out of the hair cut, she picked one out of the book they have and the one she picked has to be styled or it looks flat. Everyone knows how Reagan is about fixing her hair, but she begged and pleaded that she would fix it every morning for school! (yeah right) LOL, she is getting better at it it is just going to take some time for her to do it. But we love it and think it is so cute.

The picture od Darran in the tub is he was running water for Sfrona's bath and I was standing by the sink, well he threw water on me just playing around and I said I was gonna push him in the tub. He said "you can't do it" well he did hold himself up above the water but then I reached over and turned on the shower and you see the end result. He was mad and Sfrona who was sitting on the potty the whole time jumped up screaming saying "don't throw daddy in the tub" she hates any kind of altercations and even though we were playing she got so upset. LOL I think it was hilarious but Darran saw it diffrently!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Candy, Candy and more Candy!

What a wild week and a half! We had such fun with the girls this week since it was Spring Break. We went to Darran's parent's house in Friona and then came home and had a great last few days of the weekend. My cousin came to my parent's house for Easter and the kids just had a blast, they flew kites and chased goats and tried to ride the horse but that turned out a disater! The horse doesn't like a whole lot of people around and was to jumpy for anyone to ride so they had to resort to feeding her carrots! It is so much fun to see the family that you grew up with and having our kids do the same things we did as kids! Anyhow they had a blast hunting eggs and playing with thier Easter toys! Danny and Ann we loved having you up here come again soon!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Horse Of Course

My Aunt who recently moved here from Houston got a horse, it has been her life long dream to own a horse and since she lived in Houston it was a little difficult to own one. I couldn't tell you who was more excited Karla or Sfrona. Sfrona tells me every day let's go to Granny's and see the ALLI the horse. I tell you this kid is going to grow up and do some type of job with animals, she has no fear of them and it scares me to death! Mom and Dad have goats and naturally they had babies, well Sfrona will go right up to them and try to pick up the babies and of course they run away but when she bends down to pick them up the mama goat is right there at head level and I am so afraid they are going to head butt her and with thier horns but does she care? No! The turkey's are as big as her and she isn't a bit afraid of them either, Darran tells me "Don't make her afraid of the animals" but it is hard to watch and not get scared, I know it is good for her not to be afraid but it is going to give me a heart attack! LOL

Back to the horse, Darran picked up Sfrona and was letting her brush the horse and Sfrona says "My want to ride Daddy" and he was going to put her on when I told him no. The horse hasn't been ridden yet by any of us although she has been ridden, I just wanted to wait I guess until me or Darran has rode her, plus she was still kind of skiddish being in a new place and all that. So my kiddo is in hog Heaven with her new animals at Papa and Granny's house!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Zoo Again!

This weekend we went to the Fort Worth Zoo and had so much fun with Matt and Darla and the kids. It was nice to get away for the day and visit and let the kiddos run and have fun with each other! They played so well together!

Matt cooked an awesome brisket and Darla the potatoe salad was fantastic too! LOL We had a wonderful time and Sfrona kept asking the next day if we were going back to Brylie's house, I told her we would go back soon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Date Night!

Last night Darran and I went to a Formal Ball. His unit is disbanding or gotten rid of and so it was a pretty big deal to be at this Ball since how it is the last under that name. We had a good time although the guest speaker that they had to talk last night rambled on and on for an hour! The food they had was in my opinion awful, so on the way home we got McDonald's.LOL Over all we had a nice time, it is fun to "Dress" up every now and again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Weekend!

Cherise tagged me to reveal 5 non-important things about me or quirks that I have! Well let me tell you I can come up with more than 5! LOL But I won't bore you with the whole list!

1. Every time I leave the house I always double check to see if my curling iron is off. Now most people would say that is not a quirk but I'm here to tell you it is an obession with me going as far as leaving the house and turning around and going back home to check! It drives my husband CRAZY, me always asking him did I turn off the curling iron?

2. I am always making lists! I can make the list a day ahead or a week ahead and then I leave for the store and you guessed it, I left the list at home! I do this faithfully!

3. I am a creature of habit, or more a stickler for routine. I like to have things done at a certain time. This also drives my husband CRAZY because he is more or less the opposite of me when it comes to routine or habit.

4. I can't stand to have my feet or hands dirty, it is like an OCD with me, I didn't play much in the dirt when I was little! LOL

5. I can't stand it when Darran is home and is still asleep in the bed 45 mins after I get up. So therefore I proceed to wake him. This use to be really bad before I had Sfrona when I use to wake him up 10 mins after I got up. But now I have to have at least 45 mins to myself before any one gets up.

I hope this is something like you wanted.

We had a good weekend, Darran and I went to a wedding and he was in it holding one of the swords for a Captain he was in Iraq with. Naturally I forgot my camera! It was in Austin and the reception was at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel. WOW is all I can say!
We also had a birthday party to go to Sun, Kyleigh, Sfrona's cousin has turned 4 years old. They had so much fun! Sfrona came home banged up from jumping on the trampoline but other than that it was great. Those 2 girls are so much alike as far as thier personalities go.

I also have a funny story about Darran and Sfrona, the other morning we were laying in bed (45 mins after I got up I was waking Darran) and Sfrona was jumping on Darran's back to get him to wake up, well she has this wierd thing with Darran about licking him on his cheek or back (yeah I know gross!) well she licked him on his back and then she told me it's wet mama, and I said no that is spit on him. Well when I said spit she spit right on his back, Darran came flying out of the bed! LOL It was so funny I laughed for 30 mins, needless to say Darran didn't.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who Dressed Who?

I had to take our new kitten to the vet the other day and Darran happened to be off so I left without him and Sfrona. Well in the hour and a half I was gone I got about 4 phone calls from home for various reasons, one being Sfrona was crying so she had to call and talk to me. Usually when I go somewhere and leave her with Darran I lay out what I want her to wear and he will get her dressed and then I will fix her hair when I get home. This wasn't the case this day, I was running late and so forth, well to my surprise he had her all dressed and even did her hair!! Then got himself dressed in the process. I thought it was really cute how he got the shirts and what they said. Sfrona's says "You can't see me" and Darran's says "I'm invisible".

I had to delete the other blog so I made a new one, I hope it comes out the same as the other, we were having some issues with the last one and it made me mad so in my temper tantrum I deleted it.LOL Let me know if you can get this one.