3 monkeys

3 monkeys

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Hair Do

Reagan decided she wanted to cut her hair. We tried to talk her out of it but no budging, and she really did need a new style. I think it turned out great and everyone here just loved it, but some kids at school said it made her look like a boy and naturally it hurt Reagan's feelings. Well back to us trying to talk her out of the hair cut, she picked one out of the book they have and the one she picked has to be styled or it looks flat. Everyone knows how Reagan is about fixing her hair, but she begged and pleaded that she would fix it every morning for school! (yeah right) LOL, she is getting better at it it is just going to take some time for her to do it. But we love it and think it is so cute.

The picture od Darran in the tub is he was running water for Sfrona's bath and I was standing by the sink, well he threw water on me just playing around and I said I was gonna push him in the tub. He said "you can't do it" well he did hold himself up above the water but then I reached over and turned on the shower and you see the end result. He was mad and Sfrona who was sitting on the potty the whole time jumped up screaming saying "don't throw daddy in the tub" she hates any kind of altercations and even though we were playing she got so upset. LOL I think it was hilarious but Darran saw it diffrently!


Susan said...

I love her hair, it looks so good. And sfrona is getting so big. I'm gonna try and come up with Della on a weekend she is off. By the way I thought the horse was brown. I don't know why.

Procters said...

I love her hair!
Good going on pushing Darran in the tub. It will teach that soldier who not to mess with :)

Darla said...

I am so loving the hair. Tell Reagan I think it looks awesome! I am so glad you put that boy in his place. I am still laughing at that picture. I LOVE IT!