3 monkeys

3 monkeys

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Hair Do

Reagan decided she wanted to cut her hair. We tried to talk her out of it but no budging, and she really did need a new style. I think it turned out great and everyone here just loved it, but some kids at school said it made her look like a boy and naturally it hurt Reagan's feelings. Well back to us trying to talk her out of the hair cut, she picked one out of the book they have and the one she picked has to be styled or it looks flat. Everyone knows how Reagan is about fixing her hair, but she begged and pleaded that she would fix it every morning for school! (yeah right) LOL, she is getting better at it it is just going to take some time for her to do it. But we love it and think it is so cute.

The picture od Darran in the tub is he was running water for Sfrona's bath and I was standing by the sink, well he threw water on me just playing around and I said I was gonna push him in the tub. He said "you can't do it" well he did hold himself up above the water but then I reached over and turned on the shower and you see the end result. He was mad and Sfrona who was sitting on the potty the whole time jumped up screaming saying "don't throw daddy in the tub" she hates any kind of altercations and even though we were playing she got so upset. LOL I think it was hilarious but Darran saw it diffrently!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Candy, Candy and more Candy!

What a wild week and a half! We had such fun with the girls this week since it was Spring Break. We went to Darran's parent's house in Friona and then came home and had a great last few days of the weekend. My cousin came to my parent's house for Easter and the kids just had a blast, they flew kites and chased goats and tried to ride the horse but that turned out a disater! The horse doesn't like a whole lot of people around and was to jumpy for anyone to ride so they had to resort to feeding her carrots! It is so much fun to see the family that you grew up with and having our kids do the same things we did as kids! Anyhow they had a blast hunting eggs and playing with thier Easter toys! Danny and Ann we loved having you up here come again soon!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Horse Of Course

My Aunt who recently moved here from Houston got a horse, it has been her life long dream to own a horse and since she lived in Houston it was a little difficult to own one. I couldn't tell you who was more excited Karla or Sfrona. Sfrona tells me every day let's go to Granny's and see the ALLI the horse. I tell you this kid is going to grow up and do some type of job with animals, she has no fear of them and it scares me to death! Mom and Dad have goats and naturally they had babies, well Sfrona will go right up to them and try to pick up the babies and of course they run away but when she bends down to pick them up the mama goat is right there at head level and I am so afraid they are going to head butt her and with thier horns but does she care? No! The turkey's are as big as her and she isn't a bit afraid of them either, Darran tells me "Don't make her afraid of the animals" but it is hard to watch and not get scared, I know it is good for her not to be afraid but it is going to give me a heart attack! LOL

Back to the horse, Darran picked up Sfrona and was letting her brush the horse and Sfrona says "My want to ride Daddy" and he was going to put her on when I told him no. The horse hasn't been ridden yet by any of us although she has been ridden, I just wanted to wait I guess until me or Darran has rode her, plus she was still kind of skiddish being in a new place and all that. So my kiddo is in hog Heaven with her new animals at Papa and Granny's house!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Zoo Again!

This weekend we went to the Fort Worth Zoo and had so much fun with Matt and Darla and the kids. It was nice to get away for the day and visit and let the kiddos run and have fun with each other! They played so well together!

Matt cooked an awesome brisket and Darla the potatoe salad was fantastic too! LOL We had a wonderful time and Sfrona kept asking the next day if we were going back to Brylie's house, I told her we would go back soon.