3 monkeys

3 monkeys

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Fun!

Boy has it been an eventful couple of weeks! My Aunt had her grandkids for a week and the cousins went wild!! It was so much fun! We went swimming at BLORA which is a place on post that is part of Belton Lake, (we went there to see the Christmas lights and it took us 4 hours to get through) but I didn't know that it's all free for us in the military. They have paddle boats and a water slide and an area sectioned off for swimming. I was impressed. They had a car wash for little kids who were not tall enough for the slide, it was neat. But onto the water slide, Devon and Breeann went about 10 times and then finally Sfrona wanted to go. Well I was hoping she wasn't tall enough but who am I kidding! LOL She was determined to do it, so we CLIMB a million steps to get there and she is so happy and I find out I can't go down the slide with her, so I'm panicking! She still wants to go, so the lifeguard blew his whistle to let the other lifeguard know a small child is coming down. Well Sfrona gets halfway down and he tells me to go ahead and go, I said not until I see my baby safely on the side of the pool, and of course everyone is laughing! Finally I see her and I go down, when I get out of the pool she says I want to go again mama! OH MY GOSH! We headed for the million staircase and up we went. This time she knows what is going to happen and she starts to say no mama and the line is so long, so I tell her to get up and we'll go back down the stairs and swim, then she started yelling louder NO Mama I want to slide, she really couldn't make up her mind, she ended up going down and when I got to the bottom I was praying please let her say she was done, because I did not want to go up those stairs again! She was done and we went back swimming, the next day my legs hurt so bad! LOL

Then we went to a carnival a few days later and we had a fairly good time, we were not there 10 mins and my Aunt steps off the curb and breaks a bone in her ankle! She had just gotten a new job and knew they were going to fire her, but they didn't, they let her work and we are so thankful for that! Here are some pics of both events!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th

I hope everyone had a great July 4th! We sure did our family came up from Houston and we had a wonderful time swimming and visiting. We didn't set off fireworks this year at home because it is so dry and after New Year's Eve when the field caught on fire, we decided it was best just to go into town to watch them! Sfrona sat in everyone's lap and held her hand over her ears the whole time. I swear that child has over sensitive hearing! We had a good time.

Darran is doing good, we are about halfway through school and counting each day till he comes home. Reagan is good also, her teeth are healing fine and then it's on to braces.

The last pic of Sfrona is her in a Hannah Montana wig. We had a b-day party for Breann and she got a wig and Sfrona had it on! Darran said we should dye her hair blonde because it really brings out her blue eyes in the photo. I thought it was so funny to see her with it on! LOL

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am so glad June is over! It has been a crazy month! Reagan has had 2 teeth pulled and had surgery on her ear to remove a plug, and next is cleaning teeth and then braces! hard to believe she is already needing braces. She is doing good and pulled through the surgery fine, I will be glad when she grows out of all these ear problems.

Sfrona is soooo ready for school, that is ALL I hear about. I am not sure I am ready for her to go to school but she so wants to go. She really thinks it's cool because that is where sissy and daddy are all the time it seems. Sometimes I wish she was still a baby and then other times I am so excited for her to be starting this new era in her life. It is so much fun to watch her learn new things, the other day I taught her how to play what we called slaps where you hold both your hands on top of someone else's and then you try to slap their hands, it is the most hilarious thing to see her try to get the concept of it but she tries her best. I also showed her the thing where you show someone they have something on their shirt and then you flick their nose, that is even more hilarious, she gets so excited that i am going to flick her nose she starts laughing before I even do it! LOL

Last but not least here is a picture my uncle had made for my mom, it's an older picture of Sfrona but I thought it was so neat, it is all done in pencil except the bows and earring are done in paint. I loved it!